This Process Will Help You to Manifest Everything You Want

Do you ever feel like you’re doing everything right, but you’re just not manifesting what you really want? The frustration you feel means you focus more on not having things, and you end up in a vicious cycle. But if you can follow this simple process, you can manifest everything you desire and more. Before […]

7 Step Visualisation Process for Manifesting Your Dreams

You say you want success, right? But do you really know what it means? And have you really opened yourself up to accept it? Visualisation is a powerful tool of the Law of Attraction. It’s simple, but it takes a little practice. First, you need to clarify exactly what you want. But wait.. where do […]

5 Ways to Battle Stress & Overwhelm in Your Business

Ever feel overwhelmed in your business? After all, there’s just so much to do.. You need to market your business, find new clients, manage admin, learn new skills, grow your team… and on top of that you need to live your life. You’ve got a home to manage, a family to look after, friends to […]

Mindset Shift: A 21 Day Challenge

Keeping a positive mindset is not always easy. In fact, it’s damn hard. Some days it just seems like the world is against you, but I promise, that is not the case. Suffering from a personality disorder means that I am naturally a very negative person. I have to fight hard to stay positive, and […]

We Can Learn a Lot From Bees

Okay, stay with me on this one, I haven’t gone completely mad – yet. I was watching Bee Movie earlier, mostly because my deaf kitten loves watching anything with bright colours, and one of the quotes hit me. Although it is about bees, it can be transferred to running a business. (And reaching for any […]

Network Marketing and Mental Health

“Borderline Personality Disorder. How does that make you feel?” These are the words I heard, when I finally received a diagnosis. And how did that make me feel? Relieved. Like a weight was lifted. I finally knew what was wrong with me and could start on managing it. Living with a mental disorder is hard, […]