You say you want success, right? But do you really know what it means? And have you really opened yourself up to accept it? Visualisation is a powerful tool of the Law of Attraction. It’s simple, but it takes a little practice. First, you need to clarify exactly what you want.

7 Step Visualisation Process for Manifesting Your Dreams |

But wait.. where do you start? Once you’re clear on what you really want, it’s time to start seeing and believing it. Did you know that the brain is unable to distinguish between imagery and action? Neurons in the brain interpret imagery in the same way as real life action. When we visualise something, the brain tells neurons to perform the movement.

Perhaps you’ve heard about athletes who use visualisation to perfect their skills? There’s a well-known example of a prisoner, who works on his golf swing. He visualises the act in so much detail, while incarcerated, that when he gets out, his swing is perfect.

The visualisation process below will help you to create your own ‘future history’.
(Creating the past through tomorrow.)


1. Think of the Outcome You Desire

This needs to be detailed. For example, thinking, ‘I want more money’ isn’t enough. You need to know exactly where that money is coming from. Maybe you want to be recognised for your success. What exactly will you be recognised for, and how will this recognition happen?

2. Visualise the Outcome

Let’s use recognition of success as an example for this. Say there’s an award that you really want to win. It’s time to visualise yourself receiving it. Imagine being presented with the award. Where are you? Who is presenting it to you?

3. See Yourself

You need to see yourself in the picture. It can be hard, at first, to get a clear image of yourself doing exactly what you want to do. The more you visualise something, the easier it will become. The image will become more vivid, and you’ll start to feel like it’s actually happening.

4. Focus on the Moment

Really focus, not just on the image, but your senses. What can you hear? The person that presents the award to you; what do they say? What do you see around you? Perhaps there’s a crowd of people, or one specific person with you, supporting you. How do you feel? The more you focus, the clearer the small details will become.

5. Change Your Posture

When visualising, you may be sitting, standing, or perhaps even laying down. Think about your posture, in the moment, and adjust yourself to it. If you’re sitting down, straighten your back and hold your head high. A straight, strong posture can instantly improve your mood.

6. Improve the Image

Now you’re clearly seeing what you want, it’s time to make it real. Make the image bigger and brighter. Focus on every little thing you see and hear. Make the sounds louder.

7. Intensify the Feeling

Finally, it’s time to truly experience what you want. How do you feel, now that’s actually happening? Focus on things you feel and hold onto them. Everything you’re doing is working towards this. Make it real.

Visualisation isn’t a one time thing. This should be something you do on a regular basis; daily, if you can. Many people find that working visualisation into their morning routine can set them up for a great day.

What tools do you use to help with manifesting your dreams?