What are you seeing when you log on to social media right now? How about when you turn on the tv, or go out with friends? Popular culture can be used in so many ways to grow your business and, if you’re not keeping up with what’s happening around you, you could be missing out.

Boom Your Business With Popular Culture | KerryJohnson.co.uk

A product or service is much more likely to sell if related to something that a consumer already has an interest in.

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Did you know that your About page is one of the most important things on your website? Imagine you’ve just landed on a new website and you quite like the look of it. Chances are, you’re going to look for some information to find out what it’s all about.

Have You Really Put Enough Thought into Your 'About' Page? | KerryJohnson.co.uk

Hello, About page. This is your chance to make a brilliant first impression.

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Think about the people you look up to in business. What is it about them that first drew you to them? Is it their skill; their integrity? A combination of different things? Perhaps it’s the way they inspire you to become a great leader yourself.

Simple Ways to Stand Out as a Leader | KerryJohnson.co.uk

If you’re serious about succeeding in your business, you probably want to know how you can position yourself as a leader, and really stand out from the crowd.

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Network marketing is great; it allows us to get to know new people and help them to make a change in their lives. But is it a viable career for you, or simply a hobby that just happens to earn you a little money every now and then? The key to building a sustainable MLM business is sponsoring new business partners into your downline.

MLM Sponsoring Challenge (+ a Free Checklist) | KerryJohnson.co.uk

The keyword here is sponsoring.

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Have you ever started talking to a prospect or potential customer and, before you’ve even mentioned your business, they’re completely put off? We’ve all been there. Did you know that people make up their minds within seconds? Before you’ve even had a chance to give your presentation, their opinion is set in stone.

Magic Words for Network Marketers | KerryJohnson.co.uk

Would you be interested in taking a look at … ?

Guess what.

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As a network marketer, you probably spend a lot of your time helping your downline. After all, as their businesses grow, so does yours. But do you ever take the time to help other people who are struggling? I’m talking about network marketers who work with other companies, who seemingly have nothing to offer you in return. A lot of the time, when I ask people this, their answer is ‘no, I want to grow my business’.

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