Network marketing is great; it allows us to get to know new people and help them to make a change in their lives. But is it a viable career for you, or simply a hobby that just happens to earn you a little money every now and then? The key to building a sustainable MLM business is sponsoring new business partners into your downline.

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The keyword here is sponsoring. Not ‘recruiting’, or ‘team-building’. As a new business partner’s sponsor, you should see it as your responsibility to support and mentor them. You will get nowhere simply signing people up and then forgetting about them. Instead you should show them how to get started. Let them know that you are there for advice and support, and help them to grow their new business.

We all know that it’s one thing planning for new business partners, but how do we go about finding them?
I am a huge advocate of attraction marketing and relationship building. When you develop a strong relationship with someone, even if they are not interested in your business, they are likely to support you, which could mean referrals.

Sponsoring Strategies

There is no right or wrong way to sponsor new people. (Okay, there are some techniques that I personally think are very wrong, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t work for some people.) You should be looking for the strategies and techniques that work for you.

There are stages in the prospecting and sponsoring processes that everyone will go through, but that may present themselves differently for many people. The first stage is a type of ‘pre-assessment’. You will know immediately if someone is interested in your opportunity. Don’t push those who aren’t. This is one of the fastest ways to alienate people and sabotage any chances you might have of a future relationship. Once someone has shown their genuine interest, it’s time for a presentation. This is where you let them know all about your business, and what it could do for them. After this stage, you may require a follow up, which could then lead onto the sign up process.

If you’re unsure of how to take prospects through this process, you should talk to your upline. They will be able to provide you with the relevant information and explain your company’s full process to you.

The Challenge

In this age of social media, the majority of network marketers take to Facebook and other social media platforms to build their businesses. This is a great opportunity to create and nurture relationships, but should be done in a strategic way.

Let’s compare online and offline marketing for a moment. When you get random flyers put through your door, what do you do? Most people throw them away without a second glance. When you walk into a shop and the assistant immediately approaches you, what do you do? Probably dismiss them as quickly as you can. Think about the unsolicited emails you receive every day; the ones that you delete without reading.

So when someone sends you random messages on Facebook, pitching a business opportunity to you, what are you going to do? Probably dismiss it as spam. That is why this challenge will help you to create good habits online. If you complete the daily tasks, you will start to build relationships with the people in your network, and attract them to you naturally.

Here are the key activities you need to complete daily…