Do you plan your working week in advance? Working from home, around various other commitments, gives me far too many opportunities to become distracted and procrastinate. However I’ve set up a system, that I stick to, which ensures I set myself up for a productive week.

5 Things I Do on Sundays to Set Up for a Productive Week

Sunday is my planning day.The day where I decide what I will do, and what I will achieve, in the coming week. Although my planning process varies from week to week, there are five things I always do to make sure the next seven days are productive.

1. Clear My Weekly Planner

I have a simple weekly planner pinned over my desk that helps me keep track of my online activity. It is essentially a tick list with all platforms listed. When I have created and/or scheduled content for each platform, I tick it off the list. This ensures I don’t forget any channels (I have a lot) and that my posting is consistent.
There is a free download of a similar weekly planner at the end of this post.

2. Set My Schedule

I spend the majority of my time working on developing my businesses, but I have other commitments that take up a substantial amount of my time. Of course, it’s not always easy to plan everything down to a tee (there are all sorts of things that seem to come up last minute), but having a rough schedule will allow me to see how much time I have to complete various tasks throughout the week.

3. Goal Setting

Weekly goals are very helpful to me. Whether it’s project completions, sales targets or networking objectives, it helps me to be clear on what I’m working towards. I always make sure that my goals are specific and measurable, so that I can track my progress and see the areas on which I can improve.

4. Activity Planning

Once my goals are in place, I need to work out how I will achieve them. This is where my action plan comes in. I will look at each goal and write out a bullet point list of activity needed to reach it. For example, if I am working towards a sales target, I will focus on marketing, or if I have a networking objective, I will look at different ways to meet new people.

5. Content Creation Brainstorming

It takes me a lot of time to create content for my blogs and social media, so it is hard to fit it all in to one planning session. I will, however, make sure that I have all my ideas written out in advance, so that I’m not left scraping around for content at the last minute. I include ideas for blog post topics and the kind of posts I will schedule for my social media platforms.

Download Your Free Weekly Planner

It would be handy to transfer this template to whiteboard, so you can use it over and over. If you don’t have a whiteboard, don’t worry. Just print it out and laminate it. A dry wipe pen will work great.


2 Responses

  1. Those are great tips for being organised. As a person who really struggles to keep up with my blog and social media, I’ll definitely have to try some of these!

    1. Glad I could help, I hope it works for you.
      It took me a while to find a system that I could stick to, so don’t give up on it. 🙂