For me, and many others, one of the most important parts of my Network Marketing business is tracking my activity. Not only does it help me to stay organised, it also helps massively with my productivity.

Tracking Your Business Activity

Perhaps the most useful tool in my tracking folder is my prospect tracker. This is a simple daily table that allows me to see, at a glance, who I have been in communication with about the business opportunity, and the people I need to follow up with. You can download a prospect tracker (and other useful files) from the Freebies page.

First, I keep a note of initial contact with a prospect. This is not necessarily the first time that I have spoken to them, but the first time I have approached them about the business opportunity, or they have approached me. For anyone who requests further information, there is a space for me to add their name. This setup means that I can easily keep track of who I have been speaking to and prevents me losing track of any prospects. Finally, I keep a note of any people I need to follow up with. I generally do this after a few days of sending further information, if I haven’t yet heard anything back.

Prospect Tracker |

Another thing that I regularly track is my retail activity. I keep a note of all customer details and purchases, and set a date to follow up with them, to find out how they are getting on with their products. Tracking this activity allows me to see people’s buying habits, and make a note of other products they may be interested in, as well as provide the best possible customer service.

Simple Tracking Procedure

It is easy to stay organised in tracking your business activity and improve your productivity. If you’re unsure of where to start, you can try this simple method.

Start by downloading the relevant worksheets from here. You should then get yourself two folders: one will be your ‘active’ tracking folder and one will act as an archive. I keep records for the current month in my ‘active’ folder, including prospect trackers, sales records, planning sheets and details of any training I have completed.

At the end of each month, I go through my folder and check on prospects and customers I still need to follow up with, and areas in which I can improve my activity. I then transfer this over to a new planning sheet for the following month. Each set of trackers goes into my archive folder so that I can continue to keep track of my activity.

Do you track your business activity? I’d love to hear about your methods and how you keep on top of organisation and productivity.