When starting out in business, getting seen by new people can be somewhat of a challenge. With more and more people setting up Network Marketing and other small businesses, there is a lot of competition. Marketing and advertising can be a huge chunk out of your investment, but there are several methods you can use to promote your business for free.

How to Promote Your Business for Free

Of course, for the majority of people, social media is their first go-to. This provides a brilliant opportunity to get your business in front of new people, but you must do so strategically. First, you should learn how to network effectively. Social media platforms have policies and algorithms in place to combat spam, so it is important that you network authentically, rather than just repeatedly posting spammy content.

Social Media

I’ve said it before and I will continue to do so; always focus on building relationships on social media. As you get to know people, you will begin to develop trust and respect in that relationship, providing the perfect opportunity to share your business with them.

You should share valuable content on your social media accounts. Think about the ways you can help people. Perhaps you can solve a problem for them, or provide them with inspiration and motivation. Remember to use this content as a way to engage with your network. Consider the 80/20 rule: make your posts 80% personal and 20% business related.

Make good use of the ‘website’ section on social media profiles. You can use it to direct people to a specific page on your website, a mailing list signup form, or your online store. You can also use the ‘workplace’ feature on Facebook to make people aware of your business. Link your place of work to your business page, and make sure it is displayed publicly on your profile.

Referral Scheme

Developing a referral scheme gives you the opportunity to reach a whole new audience. You will be making use of your network’s connections. The idea is simple: you reward people for sending new customers your way. Consider a cash amount, for example commission on referred sales, or perhaps a points system, where people can exchange points earned for free products or services. There are many different ways that you can reward people.


Blogging is a great way to provide value to your readers and promote your business all at the same time. As you add new content to your blog, you are giving search engines more content to index, meaning that you are increasing your chance of ranking highly in search results. You can find out more about blogging for business here.

Guest blogging is a great way to get noticed by new people. Find blogs in your niche and submit an article that will provide value to their readers. This will help you to establish yourself as an expert and, in turn, drive new customers to your business.

Attend Organised Events

Direct marketing is a very effective way to promote your business. After all, what could be better than word of mouth recommendations? Learn to network and you will have no problem making new connections and finding new prospective customers. You will be able to find networking, charity and trade events online with a simple internet search.

Email Marketing

There are a number of great email marketing platforms that you can use for free. My personal preference is MailChimp. Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing methods online, with a great revenue drive. Give your prospects an incentive to sign up for your email list. Freebies are a popular, lucrative option.

Send a personal email to your family and friends, telling them about your business and inviting them to think of anyone they know who might benefit from it. Address them by name and add a personal message, so they don’t feel like they are being sent a mass cold email.

Personalise your email signature, with your business name and a link to your website.