A product launch can be a huge deal in a network marketing business. They can help you to find new customers, repeat customers, and even new downline members. There are two main ways to do a product launch. One is in person, in your home or someone else’s, and the other is online. For an online launch, the majority of people use Facebook, although you could also use an email series.

Planning a Product Launch

A product launch is a great way to showcase the products you sell and to inform people about the business, in a calm and relaxing environment. A 45 to 60 minute presentation will usually suffice, and is enough time to provide information without taking up too much of your guests’ time.

The first thing you will need to do is decide whether your launch will be in-home or online. If you are able to invite people to your home, or hold a launch at a friend’s house, this is a great way to provide a personal experience. Provide light refreshments and make it a social event. However, if your network is in a more widespread area, you can hold a launch online that could be just as effective.

In-Home Launch

The key to a successful product launch is preparation. If you are holding your launch at home, make sure that you have a designated space to invite people into. Tidy the area, and set aside space for products and refreshments. Put together relevant literature, such as catalogues and business information, that people can look through at their own pace.

Keep your display simple, and choose a handful of products to showcase. You can allow people to try out products before they commit to buying. (This is a brilliant opportunity for them to see firsthand just how great the products are.)

Share your story with your guests and talk briefly about the business opportunity. If anyone would like further information, you can schedule a time to go through it in more detail with them.

Before you end the launch, pass around customer order forms and collect payment. Let people know when they can expect to receive their orders. Finally, thank everyone for taking the time to come and, if anyone would like to hold their own in-home launch/product party, arrange a date with them.

Online Launch

An online launch works in a similar way to in-home, except it can be accessed from any location. First, decide on the format: will you use a Facebook event, group or an email series? If you are unsure, the simplest format is a Facebook event. When inviting friends, send each one an individual message to let them know what’s going on and asking them if they are interested in getting involved.

Again, preparation is key. Decide on your posts ahead of time and prepare images, information and engagement posts. If you simply post a list of products, people will lose interest. Give them a reason to engage and get involved. Playing games is an effective way of engaging with event guests. Decide on your prizes for the winners ahead of time. It could be a free product, or a discount code, for example.

When you are coming to the end of your event, thank everyone for participating and let them know how they can order. Include a link to your online store, if you have one, and at least one method of contacting you. Again, let people know that they can hold their own launch party, whether this be online or in-home. Offer a hostess reward for anyone who chooses to host a launch party with you.

As I mentioned before, preparation is key to a successful product launch. Make sure that you have everything planned ahead of time, so that you can take control and remain confident. Try to keep the atmosphere positive so that your guests are able to relax and enjoy themselves. Always take the time to thank people for attending and schedule follow up appointments for anyone who is interested in more information.