I can’t be the only person who loves rearranging their home office. It’s great adding new pieces and deciding where they’ll go. With a new year approaching, many people will be looking to make some changes, and these are some of the accessories you shouldn’t be without.

The Office Accessories You Shouldn't be Without | Kerry Johnson

* These product recommendations won’t earn me any money. I’m just sharing them because I love them.

Pen Pots & Desk Organisers

There’s nothing worse than reaching for a pen that isn’t there. I have a little addiction to stationery, and I like to use pots and organisers to display highlighters and such.

Here are some of my recommendations:
Matte Black Wire Pot from John Lewis – there are some great matching accessories at the bottom of the page
Faux Leather Pen Pot from John Lewis
Bamboo Pot from John Lewis
Art Deco hexagon pot from Paperchase
Tiffany Blue desk accessories from Arteza

Desk Pad

If you’re anything like me, you probably have random ideas all the time. A desk pad is a great way to keep note of them. A lot of them also have a weekly planner that you can see at a glance.

Here are some of my recommendations:
Get it Done Weekly Planner from Debenhams
Botanical Weekly Desk Pad from Paperchase
A3 Days of the Week pad from Amazon
Raindrops Desk Pad from Amazon

Office Accessories | Kerry Johnson


Wall Art

Prints and other art are perfect for brightening up your workspace. Whether you choose a single piece or create a gallery wall, they can also be used to motivate and inspire.

Here are some of my recommendations:
Leopard Print Rainbow Wall Print from Not on the High Street
Wire Word Art from Not on the High Street
Personalised quote print from Not on the High Street

Comfy Throw & Cushion

How can you expect to get great work done if you’re not comfortable? I keep a knitted throw and cushion on my office chair at all times and I recommend everyone has some comfy accessories handy.

Here are some of my recommendations:
Faux Fur Throw from Wilko
Pink ‘Haden’ Throw from Debenhams
Chunky Knit Throw from Wayfair
Chunky Knit cushion cover from Wayfair
Ashdown Cushion from Wayfair


I’m terrible with plants (I just can’t keep them alive), but I love how they look around the house. I have a cactus on my desk, as it’s the lowest maintenance plant I could think of. You could also go for an artificial plant if you’re like me.

Here are some of my recommendations:
Purifying Plant Bundle from John Lewis
Mini artificial succulent from Not on the High Street
Ficus from Ikea


How many times have you told yourself you need to get more organised? I’ve literally lost count. I’ve found that a collection of pretty files and boxes help to motivate me.

Here are some of my recommendations:
Box File from Wilko
Letter Rack from Wilko
Recycled storage boxes from Not on the High Street

Office Accessories | Kerry Johnson


Phone & Tablet Stand

What can we use to prop up our tablets today? I can’t even tell you all the things I’ve tried, and the number of times my iPad has come crashing down on the floor beside me. Luckily, a simple stand can fix this problem.

Here are some of my recommendations:
Personalised oak tablet stand from Not on the High Street
Multi-angle tablet stand from Amazon

Of course, everything above is very useful for any home office, but there are also some little bits that I love for other reasons. I have worked to create a productive area for myself, but I still want it to be pretty. So, here are some other little bits you could try out.

Dog shaped paperclips from Paperchase
Magnetic dry erase lapboards from Arteza
Geo Design glass candle from Wilko
Hang & Peg Frame Kit from Typo
Boss Lady Plate from Not on the High Street