The network marketing industry is one that provides amazing opportunities without prejudice. Didn’t do well at school? No problem. Single parent, with a lack of time? Hey, that’s fine. Starting a new business venture is an exciting time, particularly when we see the huge potential that MLM has. But so many of us have found ourselves struggling with a lack of motivation, and it’s not always easy to get it back.

Find New Motivation in Your MLM Business

Recently I have found myself feeling pumped: motivated and even excited about working my business, and reaching new goals. All of this has come from a slight mindset shift. Keeping a positive frame of mind is not always easy (particularly for someone like myself, suffering from a PD) but, if you can put aside your negative thoughts and form new habits, you too can experience a whole new burst of motivation.

‘Okay, but how do I do it?’ I hear you ask…
Forming new habits takes time. (Around three weeks, to be precise.) But there are several tasks you can complete to help you make the shift in your mindset. What you need is something to work towards; a serious end goal, that sets your soul on fire.

Once you have the why, the how becomes much clearer.

Grab yourself a pen, a piece of paper, and a cuppa (or maybe a beer – no judgement here). I’m going to give you a handful of small tasks to complete to help you get on track with your business goals and activity. Ready?

Your Dream Life

Start off by writing a description of your dream life, in 3-4 sentences. Where do you live? What do you do when you wake up? Be completely honest with yourself – don’t hold back. Once you have done this, think about (and write down) three dreams you have given up on in your life. (For example, ‘when I was younger, I really wanted to be a …’) How does it make you feel to realise that, at one point, this was all you wanted and now you have completely turned your back on it? Is that a feeling you want to relive?

Business Goals & Activity

Off the top of your head, write down the names of ten people you would love to share your business opportunity with. Who would you love to work with? Once you have your list, get in touch with each person (preferably by phone, if possible) and arrange to meet them for lunch or a coffee etc. Take the opportunity to reach out to them before you pitch the opportunity.

Now it’s time to write down some goals. When you get your goals down on paper, it makes them much more real. People who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them. Think about what you want in the long-term.
Write down your two, five and ten year goals. They should all be things that excite you. When I did this exercise, I instantly felt motivated to make these things happen. If you don’t feel excitement towards your goals, they aren’t big enough.

A little bonus task for you – and one that I felt compelled to do after the previous writing exercises – is to create a vision board. Include the long-term goals you have written down. Visualise yourself reaching high levels on your company marketing plan, and increasing your income as you go.

Don’t limit yourself when finding your reason for growing your business. No goal is too big.