As you develop your Network Marketing business, you will start to sponsor people into your downline. Each person who takes the step to work with you should be able to look to you as a mentor. You should try to support them, give them guidance and help them to solve any problems that might arise. As their businesses grow, yours will too, so you should also be there to motivate them, to be the best that they can be.

5 Ways to Motivate Your MLM Downline

What motivates one person might not work for another, so it is important to get to know each of your downline members individually. When you develop a strong and trusting relationship, they will be likely to feel comfortable coming to you for support and you can work together to build your businesses.

1. Lead by Example

Don’t just tell – show. Allow your downline to see the work you put into your own business, and share your methods and strategies with them. Offer to work with them occasionally so they can see firsthand how you work and develop their own strategies for success.

2. Keep in Touch

Be sure that you keep regular contact with your downline, to maintain a strong relationship and let them know that you are there for support. Check in with them from time to time to see how they have been getting on, and to offer help with any problems they might have.

3. Give Recognition

Giving praise for a job well done can have massively positive effects on a person’s self-belief and motivation. Give recognition when they reach milestones, or share a great idea for business development. Congratulate them when they receive a promotion, or hit a particular target, and share their success with the rest of the team. Seeing others succeed can help people to realise that they can do it too.

4. Focus on Personal Development

Any experienced network marketing knows that personal development and business development go hand in hand. Set up challenges and share development materials with your team, so that you can work together and offer each other advice and support. Put a focus on mindset and encourage your downline to think positively.

5. Remind them of their ‘Why’

Finally, talk to each new downline member about their reasons for starting their business. It might take them a while to define their ‘why’, but you should encourage them to realise it. This in itself will help to motivate an individual. If you, or they, ever feel like they are struggling or slipping in their activity, remind them of their ‘why’. Help them to set short-term goals and plan the activity required to achieve them. Remind them that each small step is one closer to their ultimate goal.

As a sponsor within your network marketing company, you should see yourself as a coach and mentor to your downline. You should treat them as a team and encourage them to support each other and work together to help motivate everyone. Although you are their upline, you should never treat them as though they are below you. You are all working towards the same goals, just at different paces. If you are able to create a feeling of togetherness, your team will feel well-supported and able to go for it.