Do you have a mission statement? You probably have a plan for your business: reach a certain retail volume, build a team of however many people, but have you looked beyond the plan of what you’re ‘supposed’ to be doing?

How a Strong Mission Statement Can Guide Your Business

A mission statement is more than just words; it should be the guide that directs the actions of your business and depicts your long-term goals and plans. What do you want to do for the world? A clear, well-defined mission will help to shape the ways in which you work. When you have an ultimate goal, you have something to work towards in everything that you do.

My mission is to nurture close working relationships, to help female entrepreneurs establish a strong online presence and develop a mindset for success.

Defining your mission may not be an easy task, but once you have it in place, you can refer to it at any time. Consider the reason you started your business, and what you hope to achieve through the work you do. This is a foolproof starting point. Do you want to help people out with the products you offer? Perhaps your aim is to change lives by focusing on the business opportunity you have to offer.

There are endless approaches you can take to network marketing, and developing your MLM business, and your mission statement will help to decide which one you go for. Your mission doesn’t need to be made public; it can act instead as a guide for you when it comes to planning and actioning your business activity. This will help you ensure that you are continually working towards your ultimate goal.

Developing Your Mission Statement

As I mentioned above, defining your mission is not always easy. Here are some questions to ask yourself, to help you clarify yours.


When we have nothing in particular to work towards, there is no structure in what we do, and so it is easy to become distracted and ‘work’ aimlessly. A well-defined mission statement can help you to direct your attention to the areas that will benefit both you and your business the most.