You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘master resell rights’ more than once – but what does it actually mean? It’s pretty simple. If you purchase a product that includes MRR, you have the right to sell it on to your own customers, and they can sell it to theirs. Over and over.

Unlike with affiliate marketing, you sell the product in the same way you would your own, meaning you keep 100% of the profit rather than earning only a small commission. While you have the right to continuously sell the product, there will likely be terms & conditions and limitations attached, so be sure to do your research if you intend to give MRR a go.


There are pros and cons to all business decisions, and choosing to sell a master resell rights product is no different. The courses you’ve probably seen on social media teach digital marketing strategies, to allow the buyer to learn how to sell products online. These are profitable skills to learn, and will help you to sell the course itself if that’s something you choose to do. It’s potentially a great investment for anyone who is new to the online marketing space.

But here’s the thing; simply selling one course created by someone else isn’t going to allow you to build a sustainable business. What it will give you however, is a starting point. The course is a high ticket offer that will fit great into an offer suite for someone who teaches others to make money online. Of course, it’s a niche-specific product, so it won’t be suitable for everyone.

Any product with master resell rights has positives, though. For a start, it could be cost-effective. You make a one-off investment which allows you to generate income over and over. Make just one sale of the product and you break even. Not many business models can offer you that. It also gives you an immediate starting point. Creating your own digital product takes time, meaning a delay before you can start making money. With a master resell rights product, there’s no creation time to take into consideration. You can begin selling your first product while you get to work on creating others.

Now let’s look at the cons. One of the courses really took off earlier this year, with over 16,000 people having purchased it as of October 2023. Now, in the grand scheme of things, this isn’t many people but, with more and more competition emerging every day for an identical product, it’s going to get harder to sell. There are many products you can purchase that haven’t gained nearly as much traction, but this is something we should bear in mind further down the road.

We should also consider the quality of such products. If you’re not creating something yourself, you need to know for sure that it’s high quality and that you’ll be comfortable selling it, or you could end up with a wasted investment. Do your research and ensure you trust the source before you buy.


Master resell rights products are certainly not a scam. Businesses selling a product they didn’t create is nothing new, and will definitely never end. While there could be limits to a business based solely on a MRR product, the potential is huge.

The digital product industry is booming, and it’s here to stay. If you have something unique to offer, you’re going to stand out. The MRR products can be a strong starting point for your new business, and give you the opportunity to develop further products yourself to help you scale your empire.

I’ll admit, as someone who has been in the digital business space for more than 16 years, I was sceptical. But in actual fact, selling someone else’s product as part of your offer suite can be suitably compared to a brick and mortar store purchasing wholesale products and selling to their own customers. That one product isn’t going to make them millionaires, but it’s definitely going to contribute to their business.


To allow me to give informed information on this topic, I recently invested in one of the MRR courses. After some research, I went for one that is relatively new and has only been purchased by a couple of thousand people. The information contained within the course will help any beginner start their own business selling digital products.

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