Are You Manifesting Your Worth?

When we decide to start a business, it’s often a huge and exciting moment. We go in with huge dreams and ambition, but how many people actually end up exactly where they expected? Too many business owners simply don’t know how to get what they want, or even what they’re worth. So, are you really manifesting your worth?

Are You Manifesting Your Worth? |

Think about the goals you had in mind when you first started out in business. Nothing was too big, right? But, if you’re anything like me, you probably hit some obstacles along the way that made you doubt your ability to really get there. I’ve certainly hit many bumps along the way.

But the important thing is that you shouldn’t give up. Shifting your mindset might not seem easy, but if you’re willing to work hard, you can certainly do it. I know you can.

Step 1. Get Clear on What You Really Want

When setting goals and intentions, it’s important to be specific. The more detail, the better. You’ve probably heard that people who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them, but it’s equally important to write specific details.

Try writing them down like a diary entry…
Today is 1 November 2018 and I’ve earned £200,000 in the past month. It feels amazing to have reached this goal and now I can buy my new house.

Step 2. Release Your Negative Energy

You need to become aware of your subconscious negative beliefs. This isn’t always an easy step, and may take some real time and effort. You need to look deep inside yourself and forgive your negative experiences. Think back to your childhood money experiences. Some people were taught that money only comes from hard, exhausting work; draining all of your time and energy. Others believe that money is the root of all evil. Some have had bad experiences with money later on in life, experiencing crippling debt.

You need to identify all of these negative experiences and forgive them. It may help you to write them down. Allow yourself to feel the negative emotions that come from the experiences and then envision yourself letting them go. Tell yourself out loud that you forgive them.

Step 3. Believe You Are Worthy of Success and of Commanding a Premium Fee

Once you’ve let go of the negative, it’s time to embrace the positive. Think about what you have to offer people. You have a lot of value to give, and it’s time for you to truly recognise this. Are you charging your worth for your services?

If you don’t believe in the value of what you have to offer, how can you expect your clients to? Your beliefs create your reality. Visualise yourself attracting your ideal clients and manifesting the money you desire. You can use affirmations to help you strengthen your beliefs.

Step 4. Trust the Universe

This is perhaps the most important step. Once you’ve put your intentions out into the Universe, you must trust that it knows what you want and how to make it happen. Don’t push too hard. Everything will work out exactly as it’s supposed to.

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