The basis of any business is the customer. Your focus should be on providing them with a product or service that pleases. If you can do this, you can earn their loyalty and grow your business effectively. So how can you delight your customers?

How to Delight Your Customers

1. Provide a Personal Experience
Get to know your customer. Treat them the same way that you would treat any of your friends. What do they do? How can your product or service help them? The more you get to know someone, the better equipped you will be to help them.
Include handwritten notes with your products. Thank the customer for buying from you and add a personal touch. If your customers can see that you care, they will keep coming back. You may even find that you will receive referrals from these people.

2. Loyalty & Referral Schemes
Are you grateful of your customers choosing you? What better way to show them that than by offering a loyalty scheme. You can opt for something simple such as, buy X amount of products and get a free gift.
Or how about a referral incentive. Discounts, cash-back or free gifts for each referral. This is a great way to get people sharing your business.

3. Stay in Touch
Keep contact with your customers. Don’t sell to them and then let them slip through the net. Get in touch with them and find out how they are finding your products or services. If you look after them and stay in touch, they will be more likely to return and refer.

4. Birthday & Holiday Contact
This one follows on from keeping in touch. Let your customers know that you are thinking of them throughout the year. Wish them a Happy Birthday, send them a Christmas card. You might even like to think about including a free gift with any product orders at Christmas. People appreciate the thought that goes into little things like this and, in turn will appreciate you and your business.

5. Freebies
If your business provides physical products, why not offer small freebie? This could be a sample of what they can buy from you. Not only will a freebie be appreciated, it gives customers the opportunity to see for themselves how your product(s) can help them.
Or perhaps you offer a service. Again, you can include freebies. This might be a bit of extra, free advice, or perhaps a physical product that supports your business services.

Remember, your customers should come first. If you focus on keeping them happy, your business will thrive. You will get yourself a positive reputation and word will get around.