As a network marketer, you probably spend a lot of your time helping your downline. After all, as their businesses grow, so does yours. But do you ever take the time to help other people who are struggling? I’m talking about network marketers who work with other companies, who seemingly have nothing to offer you in return. A lot of the time, when I ask people this, their answer is ‘no, I want to grow my business’.

How Helping Other Network Marketers Can Grow YOUR Business | Kerry Johnson

Let’s consider a couple of things: firstly, why did you choose to join your sponsor? Out of all the people you could have chosen to work with, why them? Second, why did your current downline choose you? Personally, I chose to start working with my upline after connecting with – and following – her on social media. I could see instantly that we have a similar way of working and that she dedicates her time to helping people succeed.

Why would I not want to work with someone like that?

So let’s get to the point. How can helping other network marketers help you? I’m going to assume that you’ve heard of attraction marketing (if not, drop everything and read up – seriously). By taking the time to share your knowledge and skills with other people in the industry, you are beginning to establish yourself as an expert. As you connect with more new people, you will find that you start to build trusting relationships and that people will become comfortable approaching you for advice.

“But how does that grow my business?” – I hear you say..

Did you know that the majority of people will hop between network marketing companies before they find one that truly works for them? I have personally tried out four prior to building my current business. Often, people find themselves struggling, but can’t quite work out why.

But now you’re here to help them – they can see the effort you put into, not only your own business, but other people’s as well. You obviously know what you’re doing. They’ll start to follow you; accepting your advice whenever it is handed to them. Perhaps they’ll even do a bit of research to find out what you do, and who you work with.

Then.. *lightbulb moment*

I cannot tell you how many people in my wider team have come across from other network marketing companies purely because they were impressed by the help and support provided by our leaders. The leaders who have taken the time to get to know other people and help them out wherever they can. The leaders who have established themselves as industry experts and learned the skills to back it all up.

So next time you see someone struggling in their business, even though they have nothing to offer you right now, pick them up, dust them off and help them get back on track.

They may just be your diamond.