Have you ever felt that, despite your best efforts, there is still something holding you back from manifesting what you truly want? The Law of Attraction is the essence that animates the entire universe and, by learning how to use it effectively, you can manifest abundance in your life.

Forgiveness and the Law of Attraction

Forgiveness is a skill that many people struggle with. Unfortunately, today’s society is rarely forgiving, and we are taught that good deeds are rewarded, whereas bad deeds are punished. Why forgive someone, when you can ostracise them? You might not see this as a problem, but let me explain to you why lack of forgiveness might just be the thing holding you back from manifesting your dreams.

When you choose not to forgive someone (or something), you must hold onto the baggage and negative feelings associated with this person or event. See where I’m going with this?

Not forgiving takes a lot of energy – both mental and emotional. A lot of people associate forgiveness with weakness: if you forgive someone, you are giving them the opportunity to hurt you (or affect you in another way) again. But who really suffers when you hold a grudge?

A grudge requires holding onto feelings of anger and resentment – you feel injustice and that you have been horribly wronged. These are negative feelings that take a huge amount of energy and have the power to consume you. Therefore, you don’t gain anything from non-forgiveness – in fact, you are weakened by it.

Forgiveness resolves all of these negative feelings and complications. It frees you from the bondage of resentment and allows you to heal inside.

Forgiveness and the Law of Attraction

Once you have forgiven those around you, it’s time to forgive yourself.

“But wait, I’m not mad at myself.”

Are you sure? If you have already learned to forgive yourself, that’s great, but if you experience feelings of guilt, sadness and anger, this could be a sign that you have unresolved issues with yourself. If you don’t forgive yourself for past mistakes, you will never feel that you deserve more than what you have now.

Non-forgiveness is a limiting condition, but it is never too late to forgive.

But forgiveness doesn’t always come easily. Feelings such as anger and resentment come about because of our own judgement. We deem an act or event to be wrong and this causes us to harbour negative feelings towards it. To truly forgive, we must learn to let go of our judgements. If you can relinquish your hold of your personal judgement, forgiveness will come much more easily.

This is not an easy habit to get into. You must find motivation to forgive. This can be something as simple as peace of mind, but you must really want it. When you learn to let go of the negativity that comes with holding a grudge, you will be better placed to manifest abundance.

The universe does not ‘look back’; past actions are passed and no longer matter. The universe does not dwell on things that happened in the past and, similarly, you will not attract something that you tried to manifest twenty years ago. The Law of Attraction works on the here and now, so it is important that your current feelings are positive and that you look to the future.

Holding on to the past is completely unnecessary. Learn from mistakes – by all means – but learn also to forgive them and move on. Dwelling on the negative uses a lot of energy. Don’t waste it on something you can no longer do anything about.