Did you know that there are currently around two billion active users on social media? Is it any wonder then, that so many people are turning to platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to help develop their businesses? You can find millions of new clients, at the touch of a button, complete market research quickly and expand your network rapidly. But imagine what would happen if these platforms suddenly disappeared. Would your business survive?

Would Your Business Survive if Social Media Ceased to Exist?

Unfortunately a large number of business owners, particularly network marketers, rely solely on social media to connect with their tribe. Consider this: if you suddenly lost access to all social networking platforms, would you still have the ability to connect with your network? Do you have a method of contact other than these websites which we have no say in, and no ownership of?

Yeah, okay, but that’s not really likely to happen, is it? – Probably not, but would you rather be safe or sorry?

Okay, so what can I do about it?

Well, if you know me, or if you’ve read my blog before, you can probably guess my first answer… build an email list. This list is yours and yours alone. Once you have collected people’s email addresses, no one can take that away from you, and you will always have a way to contact them. Of course people can easily change their email address, but this doesn’t happen often.

I also always recommend that people invest in an independent website or blog, giving their tribe a base to go to. That way, if you were suddenly unable to use your Facebook page or Instagram profile, for example, your website is still in place, giving you a sales platform. Your website is also a great platform for growing your email list using lead magnets.

I know that the sudden disappearance of social media is of no real concern to most people, but finding other ways to operate your business should be. It can’t hurt to be prepared for any scenario. Would your business survive if something went wrong online?