Are You Confident Telling Your ‘Business Story’?

If you’re in Network Marketing, then you’ve probably realised that the big money lies in sharing the opportunity. But when someone asks you, “so what do you do for a living?”, are you confident in your reply? If you’re serious about growing your business, and working with a large team of people, you need to get to know your business story.

Are You Confident Telling Your 'Business Story'?

We can break the business story down into several sections, starting first with a brief explanation of what you do. This is known as your ‘elevator pitch’ and aims to inform and intrigue. Once you are confident with this, it’s time to think about the full story. How did you get into Network Marketing and why?

Your Elevator Pitch

In a couple of sentences, explain what you do, in a way that will interest others. It is no good simply saying “I work in Network Marketing”, as it’s likely that a lot of people will have no idea what this means. I know that this can be a daunting task, so here are a couple of examples to help you get on the right track.

I help people to earn an additional income from home, recommending some amazing products to their friends and family.

I run a Network Marketing business. I recommend amazing products and coach others to build their own business doing exactly the same.

Keep it simple and to the point. Try to focus on your ability to help people with what you do, whether this be through the products you sell or the opportunity you offer.

Before Network Marketing

What did you do before you started your MLM business? You probably had a lifestyle that many people can relate to, but there was obviously a part of you that craved change. Think about the reasons you chose this way of working and the potential that you saw.

This is the beginning of your business journey and, therefore, the beginning of your story. Here is mine:

Prior to starting my business, I worked as a nightclub and hotel manager. I loved my job; it was sociable and no two days (or nights) were the same. But it took its toll. The hours were long, I was always on call, and my one day off was rarely undisturbed. I felt that something was missing.


How Has Network Marketing Changed Your Life?

I’m not talking drastic life changes here (although for some of you, that might be the case), but the ways that things have changed in your day to day activity and lifestyle. Perhaps you are able to stay at home with your children now, or you’ve managed to save enough money to make the home renovations you were thinking about. This is a very personal section and, when people are able to see how this industry has benefited you, they will begin to see the potential. Here is an example of this part:

Since starting my business, I have a great feeling of freedom. I am able to choose my own working hours, which means I’m free to make plans on my own terms, rather than working around other people. I can be waiting at the school gates every day and have even managed to buy myself a brand new car.


What Do You See in The Future?

This is the final part of your story, and the part that requires you to refer to your goals, hopes and expectations. If you’re serious about building your business, you obviously see great potential in the industry. What are you hoping to achieve in both the short and long-term? Is there something in particular that excites you about your business development? You could try something similar to this:

I’ve already had amazing success with this business, and I can’t wait to see what the future brings. As I continue to develop my business, I know that I’ll be earning an ample income in no time. The company I work with offers a car plan incentive, which I am well on the way to achieving. I’m so excited about all of the fantastic opportunities available to me and I can’t wait to grab them.


To help you become confident telling your story, write it down. Refer to it regularly and practice saying it out loud. (Don’t worry about looking crazy, it really helps.) Knowing your story well is one thing, but saying it aloud to someone else is very different. If it helps you, record yourself telling your story so that you can watch it back and see how you can improve your delivery.