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  Infinitude Institute | Group Coaching Programme  

Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in life. It’s about what you inspire others to do.


Do you dream of leading a thriving community and working alongside your soulmate clients? Now is the time to discover your true value and step up to become a game changer.


Group Coaching Group Coaching Group Coaching


This eight week group coaching programme is designed to help you get back to basics and build your brand – and your business – from the ground up, while shifting your mindset to focus on self-belief and help you to manifest everything you desire.


Through the Infinitude Institute, you’ll gain access to video training, guides and workbooks, as well as personal development resources and mindset and meditation tools. Your weekly course content will be delivered by email, and you’ll be able to participate in weekly coaching calls.

Alongside the coaching programme, you’ll receive unlimited email support during office hours and become a part of a supportive community, where you can network with other high-vibe entrepreneurs.


Infinitude Institute
Week 1
Back to Basics
We will start by going back to basics, and assessing where you’re at with your business. What do you really hope to achieve?
Infinitude Institute
Week 2
In this module, we’ll focus on shifting your mindset, developing a positive routine and getting aligned with abundance.
Infinitude Institute
Week 3
Personal Brand
A strong personal brand is key to standing out from the crowd and creating a great first impression. During this module, you’ll learn how to brand you.
Infinitude Institute
Week 4
Meeting new people is an art in the MLM industry. We’ll work on the strategy to really get to know new people and follow up on all of your leads.
Infinitude Institute
Week 5
Presenting Your Business
How many times have you heard a ‘no’ before you even finish your presentation? It’s not all about the business, it’s the way you present it.
Infinitude Institute
Week 6
Generating Leads
What if there was one simple system you could implement to bring your soulmate clients to you? This is where we will explore lead generation.
Infinitude Institute
Week 7
Content Creation
Providing value is the perfect way to position yourself as a leader and attract the exact kind of person you really want to work with.
Infinitude Institute
Week 8
Moving Forward
The most successful network marketers are continually learning and growing. We’ll finish your programme with the strategies to make it happen.



It all starts with a free discovery call, to ensure we’re a good fit to work together. When we’ve assessed where you’re at, it’s time to get started. After a one to one clarity session, you’ll receive your welcome pack and enter the Infinitude Institute.


Investment: £860




One to One Calls
You will receive a weekly one to one coaching call, to discuss where you’re at with your programme and receive additional support.
Investment: £80
Brand Design
Following on from your Brand Development module, you will receive a full Brand Overhaul package.
Investment: £1000
Brand & Web Design
This upgrade option includes a full Brand Overhaul package as well as a basic WordPress website.
Investment: £1500