It might not be a new concept, but it’s certainly a new craze for me. The Bullet Journal is a simple and adaptable organisation system that provides a totally personal experience. It is your planner, to-do list and more, all rolled into one. Bullet journaling has become a key part of my business activity, and I’ve decided to share how it all works.

Bullet Journaling: a Beginner's Guide |

If you’re anything like me,

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Ever feel overwhelmed in your business? After all, there’s just so much to do..

You need to market your business, find new clients, manage admin, learn new skills, grow your team… and on top of that you need to live your life. You’ve got a home to manage, a family to look after, friends to see. Are there even enough hours in the day?

5 Ways to Battle Stress & Overwhelm in Your Business |

Getting organised is the key to beating the overwhelm that comes with living such a full life.

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Look to the leaders and the top earners in your network marketing company. They did not end up there by accident. They have worked tirelessly, learned new skills and taken the time to get to know each person within their network. The key to success lies within our daily routine.

The Key to MLM Success

I have seen far too many people who have fallen at the first hurdle and given up on an industry that,

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How long do you spend writing blog posts, thinking up ideas for social media posts, or crafting video scripts?
Fact is, many entrepreneurs (particularly those who work primarily online) waste a lot of time on distractions that could be avoided. How many times have you logged in to Facebook, to write a quick post, only to end up scrolling aimlessly before realising that half an hour has passed and your post is still non-existent?

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Do you plan your working week in advance? Working from home, around various other commitments, gives me far too many opportunities to become distracted and procrastinate. However I’ve set up a system, that I stick to, which ensures I set myself up for a productive week.

5 Things I Do on Sundays to Set Up for a Productive Week

Sunday is my planning day.The day where I decide what I will do, and what I will achieve, in the coming week.

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If you were employed by someone else – and many new business owners still are – you would go into work each morning, knowing exactly what needed to be done. There would be a clear plan in place to help you get through the day’s tasks. In Network Marketing, planning is equally important, if not more so. Without a clear plan of your activities, it is easy to become distracted and not see results.

Planning Your Network Marketing Business

There are several steps I take in my planning process,

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