Do you spend all of your time posting on social media, trying to be visible? Many people continue to tell us that this is the best way to get our businesses in front of new audiences, but it can lead to an overwhelming feeling of burnout. What if there was a simpler way to generate leads? Just one system that you could implement..

The Only System You Need to Generate Consistent Leads for Your Business |

Here’s the good news: there is an easier way.

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I’ve spoken many times about Pinterest marketing, and how powerful it can be when implemented correctly into your strategy. Currently, around 60% of my traffic comes from Pinterest and, surprisingly, this doesn’t take up a huge amount of my time.

Why Pinterest Should be a Part of Your 2018 Marketing Strategy | Kerry Johnson · Business & Mindset Coach

Did you know that 87% of active Pinners have purchased a product just because of Pinterest? This percentage is huge, especially when compared with other platforms.

But simply Pinning a collection of fancy wedding cakes,

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I absolutely love Instagram. But it’s only recently – like, within the past year – that I’ve really discovered how to use it for business. The main thing I’ve been focusing on recently is increasing my engagement. This is allowing me to reach new people and bring them into my network.

4 Ways to Boost Your Instagram Engagement |

So how do you go about increasing your engagement? With so many users on social media,

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It seems, these days, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t have at least one social media account. It’s understandable then, that many business owners use various platforms to reach their network and market their products or services.

What do You REALLY Want Out of Social Media? |

Although social media is a great way to develop your business, it can also be one of the biggest time-wasters for many people. After all, there’s so much content to digest.

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Ever wondered how so many online business owners run successful email courses? It’s actually a pretty simple process, and you can set yours up for free, in just a few minutes.

Set Up a Simple Automated Email Course Using MailChimp |

The beauty of an automated email course is that anyone can sign up at any time. We’re all aware of how easy it is to miss out on live trainings because of a hectic schedule.

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Anyone who is successful in network marketing will tell you that the majority of their income comes from joint efforts. The fastest way to start seeing that residual income, and four figure months, is to build a strong downline. But whatever you do, never, ever bug your family and friends to join your team.

Why You Should Never, Ever Use the Words 'Join My Team' | Kerry Johnson - Business & Brand Strategist

If you’ve connected with other network marketers online, no doubt you’ve seen the endless ‘join my team’

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